Can you support our organisation?

We’ve been improving the health and wellbeing of older people, disabled people and people with health conditions throughout Leeds for over 25 years…

We provide a wide range of services, some of which are funded by Leeds City Council and NHS Leeds. However, we also need to raise a lot of money from charitable trusts, donations and other fundraising activities.

“Your work makes my life a lot easier. I am no longer frightened of the stairs.”


Making a Donation

We are frequently asked by clients if they can make a contribution to the organisation.

Any donation made, however small, will go directly to our Hardship Fund, which allows us to provide services for older people or disabled people living on low incomes in very difficult circumstances.

If you would like to do this, you can make a donation payable to ‘Care & Repair Leeds’ and send it by post to:

Care & Repair Leeds
323 Roundhay Road
Leeds LS8 4HT

Or click on the paypal link to make your donation

Please discuss this with your family or carer if you are not sure about it.

“The service was efficient. It helped because it was a job I could not afford. Thank you.”


Remembering Care & Repair Leeds

Your legacy will make a real difference to helping older people and disabled people living in difficult circumstances to remain independent at home.

To speak to someone about remembering us in your will, please contact us on 0113 240 6009.

“We feel safer now as the winter approaches regarding security & safety. Thank you.”


We are sometimes in need of assistance with administrative and other types of work.

If you feel that you have the skills that may help us and would like to give some of your time, please contact us on 0113 240 6009 or by email.

“Thank you. I would still be in hospital if it wasn’t for all your work.”

"I found your work makes my life a lot easier. I am no longer frightened of the stairs. Thank you."

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