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Janice Haigh

I bring a wealth of business experience, a sound knowledge of administration, skills in staff management, as well as expertise in sales and marketing. In addition, I have 7 years experience as a carer and dealing with the Local Authority, Adult Social Care, and the NHS.
I have a degree, other qualifications, and tremendous experience, and yet I found difficulties in dealing with bureaucracy. As a result, I want to offer help, through Care & Repair, to those less fortunate than I.
Rosie Hardy
Vice - Chair
I first found out about Care & Repair when I was asked to advise the organisation about the intellectual property issues relating to the Leeds Directory service. I agreed to become a Trustee of Care & Repair because I was impressed with the outstanding work of the organisation and wanted to help support and promote it, particularly amongst my friends, family, medical and legal community. I also felt I could bring a different skills set and approach due to my legal training and knowledge, and also contacts within the legal industry that may benefit Care & Repair.
Also, I help to care for a number of elderly relatives, and we are doing all we can to ensure they continue to live independently at home. Hence I understand and am committed to the ethos and aims of Care & Repair.
Secretary - Stuart Marquis

Stuart Marquis

I became a Trustee of Care & Repair to learn about the not for profit sector and to understand how I could share my business knowledge and experience with others. 7 years later I am still learning and sharing my business insights. Equally, I am humbled by the unwavering dedication and determination of the team at Care & Repair to improve the quality of life for others.
Jeremy Cross - Treasurer

Jeremy Cross

I am a chartered accountant with over 20 years’ experience. I am currently Chairman of Mansfield Building Society, and Non-Executive Director of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. In addition, I perform some consultancy work through my own business. As well as being a Trustee of Care and Repair, I am involved in a number of other Leeds based charities.
Corrina Lawrence - Trustee

Corrina Lawrence

As well as a Board member for Care & Repair, I have recently become a Management Committee member of Leeds Older People’s Forum, and recently sat on the Board of Women’s Health Matters – all of whom are either Charities or Third Sector organisations. My reasons for becoming a Trustee of Care & Repair is that I believe I can contribute in the further development of an excellent organisation.
John Welham - Trustee

John Welham

I am Vice-Chair of Leeds Older People’s Forum and sit on the UK Advisory Forum for Ageing. I have well developed inter-personal, networking and communication skills, and have an inside knowledge of how central government operates, maintaining useful key contacts at senior level in DWP and some other Government departments. I was invited to be a Trustee of Care & Repair in view of my background, and believe that this places me in a strong position to be an advocate for the role of Care & Repair in the health, housing and social care agenda, both locally and at a national level.
Karen Jones - Trustee

Karen Jones

My experience is varied; I work at Disability Information & Advice Line in Leeds (DIAL) as both a paid Development Worker, and volunteer as an Advice Worker, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Equality and Health & Safety representative. I have life experience as a disabled person and a wheelchair user, and working for a user-led organisation for disabled people in Leeds. My reason to become a Trustee of Care & Repair is to share knowledge that I have and also to be able to have the opportunity to gain new skills with a great team
Mike Rose - Trustee

Mike Rose

I wanted to be a Trustee of Care & Repair because they helped my terminally ill wife, and I wanted to give something back for their help, support and effort.
Susan Clamp - Trustee

Susan Clamp

As academic lead for the University of Leeds Health Services Innovation Hub, I focussed on helping to develop collaborations between the University and Charities in Leeds to promote the use and sharing of information to help develop and improve services.I hope that my expertise will be of use to Care and Repair, and that I will be able to help this excellent organisation keep on providing the wonderful support it gives.
Cllr Christine Macniven - Trustee

Cllr Christine Macniven

I am one of the local councillors for Roundhay. I was delighted to be invited to join Care and Repair as a trustee four years ago. This complements my work with the Leeds City Council Adult Social Care team . I identify closely with the officers at Care and Repair as a consequence of my past life as Director of an organisation focusing on improving the life chances of young people and unemployed adults . We too had to continuously and creatively evolve in order to fund our work . It is this approach, so impressively undertaken by the Care and Repair officers , which underwrites my admiration and enthusiasm to continue my involvement with this extremely valuable work.
Ruth Whittaker - Observer

Ruth Whittaker

I qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1984 and I have worked for Leeds City Council for 30 years. I am a Disability Team Manager, working closely with Health & Housing and Care and Repair, recommending adaptations and equipment enabling disabled people to remain as independent as possible. I also manage the hospital discharge scheme that is run by Care & Repair Leeds which provides minor adaptations to enable customers to remain in their own homes or to prevent them having to stay in hospital. I am an Observer on the Board reporting on behalf of Adult Social Care.
Karen Cruise - Observer Karen Cruise
I have 33 years’ experience in the Social Housing sector. The last 8 years were spent at a senior level, responsible for a large team and playing an active role within our Senior Leadership Team. I've managed housing teams through several mergers and restructures whilst ensuring that we continued to provide an excellent service to our customers. I have over 10years experience of servicing our own Board of Management and working closely with Board Members.

I've been a freelance lecturer for the Chartered Institute of Housing, a board member for a Leeds based Housing Association for 2 years and a school governor at a local primary school for 3 years.

I now run my own business in the beauty, health and wellness industry and have recently set up a new business offering coaching to Housing organisations.

I've had experience of working closely with Care & Repair in a different local authority. I think the service provided by these organisations is invaluable. I've been the main carer for my mum for many years and have seen first-hand how the ability for the elderly to remain independent and safe in their own homes is so important.

It's an honour to be able to contribute to the work of this organisation.

Board Member Recruitment

We are recruiting new Members to the Board of Care & Repair Leeds due to the retirement of some of the existing members and the need to increase and widen the skill base of the Board. If you are interested please contact Ruth Cornelissen

"Thank you for all you have done for me, I was amazed how quickly it was all done. Everyone that came to see me was very helpful and pleasant."

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